A message from John…Jan 2020

Happy New Decade to all!!
Yes, here we are 20 years after I distinctly recall being in a near panic regarding the entire Y2K end of civilization furor as we knew it, because all the computers were going to stop us from routine functioning!
The past is behind us and we only have the future to work with. In that light, many of us will undergo a planning or goal setting routine at this time of year. Here’s a different take on this.
Rather than planning for the next year, think in terms of the next decade, the next 10 years.
Nothing happens overnight and most things take years to reach. As such take the next 10 years as your goal timeline, that gives you 40 quarters to work with.
Set the goals that you want to reach for each quarter, some will take two or more quarters to reach but if you take this approach you will likely reach more of your targets than making one year targets.
Take your quarterly goals and then time block the activities needed to reach that goal into your daily calendars. These activities are NOT negotiable.
Do you brush your teeth in the morning, shower, comb your hair, dress for the occasion? Without being in your calendar, they are all routines that you follow, by utilizing  time blocking, you will create a routing to get more things completed, in a shorter time, and with little to no stress – think of your annual tax filing!

Lastly, they called the 1920’s the Roaring 20’s – I’m proposing that 2020 is the TRUE ROARING 20’s – let’s make it happen!

Happy New Year to you, your families and everyone that you have in your lives – It’s up to us, nobody else will make it happen.

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