Nothing Says “I Love You” More Than A New House Plant!

Valentine's Day is here!..

…And if you are anything like me, you didn’t realize the date until you heard it on the radio on on your Monday morning commute to work! Now you are scrambling to think of a good gift for your partner!


Flowers and Chocolates are always nice, but flowers die and chocolates get eaten… So why not get something with a bit more longevity?

As a couple who are very new to owning a home, my spouse and I find ourselves regularly checking Pinterest for décor ideas and crafty ways to make our home beautiful on a budget!

Enter House Plants…

Plants can transform a home from bland to brilliant and with correct maintenance, can become permanent and admirable fixtures within your home! So why not trade up the superficial crap that Valentine’s Day promotes and instead look to a gift that you and your partner can love and nurture together?!

Here are some options for the perfect plant for your partner:

1. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant or Chlorophytum Comosum is probably the most widely known house plant out there!

Originating from South Africa, this plant is pretty easy to maintain and very difficult to kill! The Spider Plant loves sunlight and can withstand any temperature. It does not require watering every day, but during summer it is important to water regularly!

Side note; Spider Plants grow long stems which bud into flowers. After the flowers die, the buds turn into smaller spider plants! I noticed this happening with my plant so decided to trim these smaller plants off and re-pot them… I now have several Spider Plants dotted around my home!

2. English Ivy

Although English Ivy really thrives outside (it can grow up to 100ft. long!) it can be a great addition as an indoor plant!

Otherwise known as Hedera Helix, English Ivy requires decent sunlight, but other than that, is very easy to manage inside your home!

Another reason that English Ivy makes for such a great house plant, is that it actually cleans your air for you! Talk about a breath of fresh air!

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is a hardy plant that can withstand a lot of neglect. 

Best suited to indirect sunlight, this plant does not require much water or supervision. Perfect for newbies or people who forget to water their plants!

Just make sure that your neighbours don’t have a pet Panda!

4. Christmas Cactus

This option may raise an eyebrow or two – who thought it could be a good idea to give a prickly plant to your loved one for Valentines Day!? But the Christmas Cactus actually isn’t one that will hurt you if you try to touch it!

This plant is extremely easy to look after, One thorough watering a week should get the job done! 

This great addition will blossom once a year to bring a splash of colour into your home!

5. Monstera Deliciosa

The last plant on our little list is not so little. Instagram’s favorite plant; The Monstera Deliciosa, not only has a larger than life name, but also rocks large and stunning leaves that can span 3-4 feet in length!

The plant itself can grow up to 10ft tall so it makes for a real statement piece for your home!

Requiring bright, indirect light and water when soil is dry, this beautiful plant needs a bit more maintenance than others on this list. 

It also worth noting that this plant is mildly toxic for cats, dogs and people when ingested… So if you have a curious pet that eats everything, this plant may not be for you!

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Greg Berry: Marketing & Social Coordinator

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