Post Christmas Decorating

Written by Karen Keveryga
Many times when I take the tree and Christmas decorations down, my home feels refreshingly sparse and spacious.

However, there is a difference between sparse and spacious – and empty, bare and depressing!!!

1. Move the furniture around

You just accommodated a huge Christmas tree and possibly a dining room table that seats 18 over the holidays.  Now is the time to put all the Christmas decor away – but see your home differently.  Maybe the couch does not need to go back against that wall!!!!????  That coffee table you moved – does it actually look better there?  Put all your decor and accent pieces in one spot – then start from scratch putting them back out!

2. Plants

Plants make a room feel instantly fresh and alive.  Indoor plants don’t just look good, they make us feel good mentally and physically, too.

3. Incorporate White

In the fall, I tend to lean into dark cozy woodsy colours – but during the new year – I like crisp, white warmth.   Set some white trays and dishes out {even planting your new plants in them – for a double crisp alive “feel” after Christmas winter}.

“Shop” your house for anything WHITE you could use ~ candles, vases, blankets folded up, books, even a glass bowl of white shells can feel “wintry”.  It may be shocking to know – that you already have things in your cupboards and closets – that will work perfectly!!!!!  No trip to Winners or Home Sense necessary!

4. Pops of Colour

Fresh pops of colour are a quick way to liven up a space.  Group things in 3.

Keep your eye out for a few things that may need to get packed away for awhile.  Let’s say you have a pumpkin coloured throw and floral pillow on a neutral sofa……consider switching it out seasonally – with a new chunky throw that will take you through to spring….

If you have mostly reds in your room, try accenting with turquoise or white.  If you have pattern, go for a solid pillow with texture.  If you have a solid neutral sofa, then you are lucky and have no excuses – because you have the most freedom of anyone to do something really fun and unexpected with a pillow or two and a throw.  Many stores sell pillow covers – so you can keep the same pillow and just change the outside!

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